Daniel O

I have been collecting fountain pens since the start of my A levels: I will be beginning a postgraduate in September. That's a lot of collecting!

Many of my pens I have reviewed. You can see them here. If there's something you are particularly interested in then send me a message and I'll likely be more than happy to list it. I am still in the process of putting my collection on here.

Over the years I've been able to create a collection I'm incredibly proud of and I hope you'll also find it interesting as I begin to list some of it here.

Pens in my collection can range from pens with a dragon as a clip, a TWSBI with a vintage Mabie Todd flex nib, pens from the USSR (seriously) and both a Pilot Myu and Murex! And that's just scratching the surface!

So why are you still reading? Go rent some pens!

NB - for postage, it will likely be £2.80. However, for some of the more expensive/sentimental pens in my collection, the postage may increase for insurance & tracking.

NB(B) - I am mindful of feedback. I will always give feedback on transactions, but if I am renting a pen out I will wait until the pen has returned after the rental period to give feedback. So don't think I have forgotten if it takes a while!

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Good communication :)

Aaron M about listing Pilot Capless 3 hours ago.

All fantastic. Really enjoying the rental

Andy B about listing Aurora 88 21 days ago.

Thanks, Daniel; it arrived this morning - haven’t had time to play, yet, but it’s certainly a thing of beauty!



Linda S about listing Aurora 88 2 months ago.