Ian H

I’ve been a user of fountain pens for some years and a collector of them for slightly less time. I have an interest in flexible nibs due to my enjoyment of writing and trying to perfect my English Roundhand using both dip pens and fountain pens, so an EF fountain pen nib flexing to a BBB with ease does strange things to me... I do not push things past the point of no return though. I’d rather have a working pen with thinner shading lines than a very fat line - once! However, I also use the standard type nibs as everyday tools, my current ‘office’ favourite being my Parker 75, but I’m sure that will change...

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What a way to start your pensharing journey, with the flagship on the site! Thanks Ian for returning the 149 on time and in perfect condition, and with your beautiful handwritten note. You're welcome to hire anything else on the site :o)

Jon R about listing **ON HIRE** Montblance 149 Flex 3 days ago.