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I'm Jon, the founder of I hope you enjoy using this service!

You can find me on Fountain Pen Network and Instagram as @jonr1971

If you hire one of my pens, you can also choose an ink to go with it! I always provide a courtesy fill but also happy to send the pen empty and clean.

All of my bottled inks are listed on the website so you can choose from any of those, and I also have the following samples which I’m happy to fill from:

Rohrer & Klingner: Konigsblau, Blue Mare, Fernambuk, Smaragdgrun, Magenta, Alt Goldgrun, Blau Permanent, Solferino, Alt Bordeaux, Verdigris

Montegrappa: Turquoise

Ferris Wheel Press: Blue Grass Velvet

Sailor: Sou Boku, 123, 150, 17

Iroshizuku: Kiri Same

Pure Pens: Celtic Sea, Barafundle, John Frost, Glens of Antrim

KWZ: Warsaw Dreaming, Walk Over Vistula, Sheen Machine, Monarch, Baltic Memories, Maroon

Noodlers: Black Swans In English Roses, Liberty’s Elysium, Apache Sunset, Dragon’s Napalm, Habanero

Conway Stewart: Tavy

Diamine: Skull & Roses, Peacock Flare, Citrus Ice, Schubert, Violet, Imperial Purple, Classic Red, Royal Blue, Classic Green, Sapphire

Robert Oster: Fire on Fire, Velvet Storm, Burgundy, Emerald, Melon Tea, Direct Sun, Jade, Maroon, Blue Black, Khaki, Spearmint, Dark Chocolate, Aussie Shiraz, Grun Schwarz, Peppermint, Caffe Crema, Blue Sea, Summer Storm, Black Is Black, Deep Purple, Motor Oil, Red Candy, Barossa Grape

J'Herbin: Amber de Birmanie, Eclat de Saphir, Bleu des Profondeurs, Rouge Grenat

L'Artisan Pastellier Callifolio: Mediteranee, Violet, Noir, Andrinople, Ultramarine, Oconto, Havane, Heure Doree, Aurora, Inca Sol, Inti, Bourgogne, Anahuac, Sepia, Bordeaux, Cannelle, Botany Bay, Equinoxe 6, Equinoxe 5, Gris Payne, Pacifique, Ohlanga, Bonne Esperance, Byzance, Omi Osun, Atlantique, Bosphore, Azur, Grenat, Yalumba, Olivastre, Baikal, Itzamna, Cassis, Teodora, Olifants

Edelstein: Tanzanite

Blackstone: Barrier Reef Blue

Scribo: Verde Mediterraneo

Krishna: Monsoon Sky, Moonview, Azaelia Flora

Pilot 100th Anniversary: Hoteison

Akkerman: Dutch Masters Vermeer’s Kobalt, SBRE Brown

Kyoto Kyo No Oto: No. 6 Adzukiiro, Soft Snow of Ohara, No. 4 Yamabukiro, Stone Road of Gion, No. 7 Hisoku

Levenger: Skies of Blue

De Atrementis: Cherry Blossom


GvFC Hazelnut Brown, Diamine 150th Safari, Diamine Aurora Borealis, Diamine Teal

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Jon has been exceptionally welcoming and helpful. I am a new member of Pensharing and he guided me through the process, trusted me to hire three pens straight away, gave me complimentary refills and managed my precise posting requests. No question was too much trouble. The pens arrived exactly when promised and incredibly well packaged. I would not hesitate to hire from Jon again.

Matt P about listing John Garnham Carbon (titanium nib) 2 days ago.

Excellent packing and quick shipping as usual

Eadwine B about listing Sailor 1911 Large Black Luster (M) 6 days ago.

Everything went excellent same as the past orders, fast shipping and came well packaged

Thanks again

Callum E about listing BENU Euphoria Bourbon (F, M, or B) 8 days ago.