Jon R

I'm Jon, the founder of I hope you enjoy using this service!

You can find me on Fountain Pen Network and Instagram as @jonr1971

If you hire one of my pens, please choose from the following inks! If you prefer to receive the pen empty, that's fine too, just let me know.


Diamine Regular: Majestic Blue, Teal, Soft Mint, Denim, Wild Strawberry, Chocolate Brown, Asa Blue, Eau de Nil, Twilight, Indigo, Jade Green, Sargasso Sea, Matador, Midnight, Oxford Blue, Damson, Grape, Onyx Black, Eclipse, Oxblood, Hope Pink, Bilberry, Majestic Purple, Sunset, Red Dragon, Turquoise, Prussian Blue, Beau Blue, Blue Black, Crimson, Ancient Copper, Havasu Turquoise, Gibson Les Paul Cherry Sunburst, Robert, Maureen, Misty Blue, Earl Grey, Ochre, Tyrian Purple

Diamine Shimmertastic: Night Sky, Inferno Orange, Blue Flame, Firestorm Red, Caramel Sparkle

Iroshizuku: Shin-Kai

Robert Oster Signature: Fire & Ice, Bondi Blue

Organics Studio: Nitrogen Royal Blue

Pelikan 4001: Blue Black, Turquoise

L’Artisan Pastellier: Bleu Lagon

Waterman: Inspired Blue

J’Herbin: Bleu Myosotis

Cross: Black

Nick Stewart: Randall Blue Black

Colorverse: Supernova

Delta: Black

KWZ: Newky Brown (Newcastle pen show limited edition)


Montegrappa: Turquoise, Fuschia

Ferris Wheel Press: Blue Grass Velvet

Sailor: Sou Boku

Iroshizuku: Kiri Same

Pure Pens: Celtic Sea

KWZ: Warsaw Dreaming, Walk Over Vistula

Noodlers: Black Swan In Australian Roses

Conway Stewart: Tavy

Diamine: Gibson Les Paul Pelham Blue, Gibson Les Paul Honey Burst, Earl Grey, Syrah

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Super speedy delivery and a wonderful communicator. Always a pleasure to hire a pen from Jon.

The flex is delightful. Not sure yet whether I need one but we will see how it goes... :)

Cheers Jon, and thanks for the kind note. That Carter match you saw was a good one. Shame he couldn’t do it in the final!

Also, I want Fed to retire no time soon!!!

Mark Cheetham about listing Montblance 149 Flex 16 days ago.

Jon did everything perfectly from his end. There were hiccups, but they were nothing to do with Jon. Really liked the box it was delivered in, it was sturdy but not fussy.

Celia M about listing Hand turned Maple Burr fountain pen 17 days ago.