x1 Pilot Namiki IC10 Red Ink CARTRIDGE

Try 1x Pilot Namiki IC10 Ink Cartridge in colour RED for £0.65!

^ 2 Cartridges Available ^
Once used, you can save the empty cartridge to refill with your favourite ink.
Please note this will fit most Pilot fountain pens - please check your pen for compatibility before purchase

Postage is £1.20 per/8 samples..

For 1-8 samples please add "Postage" to one of your purchases, and "Pickup" to the rest.
For 9+ samples please add "Postage" to two of your purchases, and "Pickup" to the rest (total £2.40 postage).

There is no shopping basket function on the website, so you can either purchase each ink sample individually, or you can buy multiples if the ink samples are the same price. eg;
3 inks all priced at £1.10
Under an ink sample priced at £1.10 select "Number of units = 3"
"Postage" or "Pickup"
Click "Buy"
In the "Optional message" box type the name and colour of the three ink samples you're purchasing.

Please note that photos and monitors can't accurately portray the colour, shading, sheen or shimmer of an ink, and different papers can change an ink's colour and properties.

Country: United Kingdom
Brand: Pilot
Ink colour: Pink

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