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Available Inks:
Diamine Amazing Amethyst
Diamine Ancient Copper
Diamine Bilberry
Diamine Blaze Orange
Diamine Cherry Sunburst
Diamine Chocolate Brown
Diamine Crimson
Diamine Damson
Diamine Deep Dark Green
Diamine Deep Magenta
Diamine Delamere Green
Diamine Earl Grey
Diamine Eau de Nil
Diamine Eclipse
Diamine Florida Blue
Diamine Grape
Diamine Havasu Turquoise
Diamine Imperial Purple
Diamine Little Pip
Diamine Majestic Purple
Diamine Marine
Diamine Monboddo's Hat
Diamine Onyx Black
Diamine Orange
Diamine Oxblood
Diamine Oxford Blue
Diamine Passion Red
Diamine Pelham Blue
Diamine Poppy Red
Diamine Presidential Blue
Diamine Prussian Blue
Diamine Red Dragon
Diamine Ruby
Diamine Rustic Brown
Diamine Sapphire Blue
Diamine Scribble Purple
Diamine Sunset
Diamine Syrah
Diamine Teal
Diamine Ultra Green
Pelikan Brilliant Black
Waterman Absolute Brown
Waterman Audacious Red
Waterman Intense Black
Waterman Serenity Blue
Waterman Tender Purple

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Lovely pen arrived today :) The ink is named well, definitely Deep Magenta. Very nice to write with so far.

Thank you for the little additions too.

Helen M about listing TWSBI Vac 700R Iris (B) 1 year ago.

Once again a great service by you. I was very interested in the pen and Pensharing gives us a real chance to try before we buy.

Thanks again and will be intouch when the next pan takes my fancy.

Geoff W about listing Platinum Curidas (F) 1 year ago.

Super well packaged and arrived very quickly. Very helpful to a newbie too, so many thanks for your patience.

The TWSBI Iris is a stunning pen. So very glad to be able to try it out first before taking the plunge and purchasing it.

Jo Matthews about listing TWSBI Vac 700R Iris (B) 2 years ago.