Linda S

I’ve been using fountain pens since I was at Art college, 150 years ago, when my tutor suggested I either learn to type. or try a fountain pen, as my lefty scribble was indecipherable. He told me it would slow my writing down - and he was right.

Life behind various desks was always livened up by a pen or two, mostly vintage, until I discovered modern Pilots a couple of decades ago. Now retired, and widowed, with only the cat to judge me, I am exploring inks, too. I tell my children I am leaving them a fine inheritance - but they don’t believe that either...

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Great correspondence and the pen arrived back safe and sound with a nice accompanying written note, too.

Daniel O about listing Aurora 88 22 days ago.

Thanks Linda for the safe and timely return of the Eco, in perfect condition. Glad you enjoyed the hire, and thank for the note! :o)

A pleasure to let Linda use my pen. She took great care of it and it was returned securely packaged with a thoughtful handwritten letter and a sample of ink. A delightful new pen friend.

Mark B about listing Montblanc Classique 144 3 months ago.