TWSBI Eco Pink w/ Mabie Todd Vintage F Flex Nib

I like modding my TWSBIs it would seem.

This is the pink TWSBI Eco, but I have modified the feed (read: cut) so that it would work with a Mabie Todd No.2 flex nib (made in England, for those interested, not New York, US as it makes a difference). You can't press it to total limits, but it works impressively well!

You can read my write up of it here



Filling system:



This pen isn't currently inked. I have a number of shimmer inks if you'd like to try I would be happy to ink with. Just let me know!

Replacement value:

£50. This includes the mod.

Availability check: Available
Country: United Kingdom
Brand: TWSBI
Pen price (not rental value): Under £50
Pen type: Modern
Nib width: F: Fine
Nib speciality: Flex
Nib material: Gold

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