Wing Sung 3013 (F)

The Wing Sung 3013 is a plunger fill pen (vacuum filler). The cap is very nicely faceted as is the blind cap at the end of the barrel. The pen has a very good heft and feel in the hand. The only thing I would mention is that whilst the cap can be posted on the end of the barrel, it does not sit tight, so would probably be more comfortable to use un-posted. The barrel is plenty long enough to allow such use comfortably.

If you've used a TWSBI Vac700 this is a very similar pen.

Filling System:

Length un-posted:
Length posted:

As new


Replacement Value:

Shipping cost is one-way UK only. Return shipping is covered separately. Not available to hire outside the UK.

Please return the pen in the same packaging it was sent in.

Other Instructions:

Choice of Ink:
See my profile for a choice of inks to pre-fill the pen. If not specified, it will be sent empty.

Country: United Kingdom

Availability check: Available
Country: United Kingdom
Brand: Wing Sung
Pen price (not rental value): Under £50
Pen type: Modern
Nib width: F: Fine
Nib speciality: None
Nib material: Steel

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