Tamenuri Studio Purple Seirei - Tamesukashi

Hire cost:

Hire this Tamenuri Studio Purple, Seirei, Tamesukashi urushi fountain pen for just £7.00 per week!


This is a pen Michal was not overly happy with created with purple, seirei, tamesukashi urushi he was not massively happy with the seirei layers. I grabbed it for a bargain and absolutely love it - super subtle silver on purple urushi that you can get away with in a work setting as "just another of Dave's fountain pens" - but those who know the work that goes into making an urushi pen, know it's not just another pen.


Tamenuri Studio

Filling system:

Cartridge Converter





Replacement Value:

Approx £300


Shipping cost is for UK only. Not available to hire outside the UK.


Pen will be posted a reusable box. Please return in this box.

Other instructions:

Please do not post this pen to avoid scratchin the Urushi lacquer.

Choice of ink:

Unfortunately I'm just starting my ink journey, so pen will be sent empty, but more than happy to receive with any of your favourite inks for me to have a try.

Availability check: Available
Country: United Kingdom
Brand: Other
Pen price (not rental value): £100 - £250
Pen type: Modern
Nib width: M: Medium
Nib speciality: None
Nib material: Steel

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