Pelikan 400N (F)

Hire cost:
Hire the vintage Pelikan 400N for just £5.00 per week!

The Pelikan 400 of the 1950s and 60s is perhaps one of the most iconic and successful pens ever put out by the company over its 90 year history of fountain pen production. Glass negatives in the Pelikan archives indicate that this model was first conceived in 1939 and likely had World War II to thank for its eleven years on the drawing board. Launched on May 25, 1950, the Pelikan 400 was produced for a period of fifteen years (not including a brief resurrection in the 1970s) but underwent several modifications in that time. With each major revision, the suffix “N” was added to the model number. This stood for “neu,” the German word for new, and was a designation only meant to be used internally. This nomenclature was utilized for the 400 as well as several other similarly styled product lines and is the reason we have the 400, 400N, and 400NN. Of course, when these pens were being marketed, they were all simply called the 400 which is why you won’t find the “N” designation in any price list. This model is the 400N and has a 14K nib.

Length unposted: approx 122mm
Length posted: approx 142mm


Some plating loss on cap band and clip

Replacement Value:

Shipping cost is for UK only. Not available to hire outside the UK.

Pen will be posted in a reusable box. Please return in this box.

Other instructions:
Note this is not my pen, I'm taking care of the pensharing logistics on behalf of a friend.

Choice of ink:
By default, the pen will be empty and clean. But I do have a wide range of inks which are all listed on my profile. If you fancy trying something, let me know and I'll either fill the pen or send a sample (depending on ease of packaging etc)

Availability check: Available
Country: United Kingdom
Brand: Pelikan
Pen price (not rental value): £100 - £250
Pen type: Vintage
Nib width: F: Fine
Nib speciality: Flex
Nib material: Gold

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