Parker Vacumatic Major (F)

This pen was purchased from Acoustic Pens. Here's the description:
"It has superb ergonomics, posts extremely well, and feels very comfortable, regardless of your grip. The material is gorgeous, particularly in Azure! The barrel has very nice transparency, which allows you to gauge your remaining ink level with ease. Speaking of ink, the Vacumatic holds a lot of it, up to 1.7 ml (with some variation across models), and comes equipped with one of the most ingenious and reliable filling mechanisms ever made.

The wartime Vacumatic really excels as a writing instrument. It comes with a fantastic 14k gold nib, one that writes at the lightest touch, and when pressed harder, rewards you with a hint of line variation, instantly adding character to your handwriting. It's precise and yet it has excellent performance latitude, laying down a satisfying line in virtually all directions, with luscious long curves and steadfast rapid upstrokes. A fantastic tool with which to take your handwriting to the next level."

Filling system:
Vacuum filler

Unposted: approx 120mm
Posted: approx 150mm


The celluloid has faded somewhat on the barrel.

Replacement Value:

Shipping cost is for UK only. Not available to hire outside the UK.

Pen will be shipped in reusable cardboard box. Please return in this box.

Other instructions:

Choice of ink:
I have a wide range of inks and these are all listed on my profile. If you'd rather receive the pen empty, that's fine too - just let me know.

Availability check: Available
Country: United Kingdom
Brand: Parker
Pen price (not rental value): £100 - £250
Pen type: Vintage
Nib width: F: Fine
Nib speciality: None
Nib material: Gold

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