Andy B

Hi guys!
I'm all about this website. What a great idea!

I'm Andy, I'm a Pharmacist from Newcastle. My job can be quite boring and mundane but the parts of my job I can add flare to, I do it with ink and serious nibbage.

I also think it's only fair to add to the community by listing pieces that aren't currently in use, so given time, I'll add in

6 open listings

2 followed people

14 received reviews (100% positive, 14/14)

Quickly shipped back after the hire, clean and well packed. Great communication and a great pensharer

Andy was so friendly and helpful, I'm really pleased with how this has gone. Exactly the sort of person who should be lending out their pens on here!

Sarah B about listing Lamy Aion OliveSilver (F, M, oblique) 17 days ago.

Thanks Andy for the safe and timely return of the Sonnet, with your nice note. Much appreciated! :o)

Jon R about listing Parker Sonnet (18k) 1 month ago.