Beverley W

Creative person, I'm quite early on my fountain pen journey. I love ink, 'standard' inks (bling isn't my thing) usually slightly murky colours, the chromatography fascinates me. I can spend a lot of time thinking about colour. Trying to live an eco friendlier life.
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Thanks Beverley for the safe and timely return of this, the Moonman A1, JG Carbon, Franklin Christoph 03 and Pilot Decimo. Thanks too for your nice note, so glad you enjoyed this hire! Naturally, I’d be happy to hire to you again, any time :o)

Thanks Beverley for returning this 149, plus the 146, 14, 22, 220, Classique and Sailor 1911 all on time and in perfect condition. So glad it inspired the purchase of the 14! I’d be happy to hire to you again, any time :o)

Yet another wonderful exchange, in both pen and communication. Beverley was a joy to share with and once more goes to show what a marvellous idea Pensharing is. THANK YOU!

Tas about listing Pilot Custom 91 - Tsukiyo - F nib 12 months ago.