Charlotte F

Despite loving fountain pens I am an extremely reluctant purchaser. It’s often very difficult for me to get to a store to try the pens before I buy so I was delighted to find out about Pen Sharing! I like Japanese F nibs and I’m always looking for attractive pens which lay down a fine line with some shading to bring out the real beauty of my favourite inks.

I try to be cheerful but have been known to be grumpy. You won’t find anyone who will confirm rumours of my grumpiness because I bought their silence with biscuits.

You can find me on FPN, username finzi.

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Thanks Charlotte for the sample of Robert Oster Spearmint when you returned the pen! Glad you liked the EF nib.

Jon R about listing TWSBI Diamond 580 (EF, M, 1.1mm stub) 9 months ago.

Thanks for returning the pen with a sample of Robert Oster Spearmint - it’s lovely!

Jon R about listing Pelikan M205 Demonstrator 9 months ago.

Everything went smoothly - pen came back on time and in perfect condition. Thanks Charlotte!