Information about Pensharing

How it works

How it works

Firstly - sign up to the service – see below

To hire a pen

Use the country filter on the left of the page to see the members and pens in your country – no cross border hires are permitted, sorry!

Select the pen you’d like to hire and hit the blue “Rent” button

This then takes you to the payment page, but before you enter your card details or pay by paypal, you can send an optional message to the owner and you also have to agree to the terms and conditions. It’s important to read them, in particular section 8, “Hirer’s Rules”

Once you’ve entered your card details, the owner will be notified (both by email and on the site) that you’re interested in hiring their pen. The owner is under no obligation to accept the request but provided you have good feedback there’s no reason they shouldn't. They have 3 days to accept the request otherwise the request will be automatically rejected. If it’s rejected, your card will not be charged.

If they accept the request, you will be notified (both by email and on the site). They will ship the pen to you. Make a note of the day when it arrives as this is day 1 of the hire and you will have to ship the pen back on day 7. When the pen arrives, not before, mark the order as complete.

Please be as careful with the pen you hire as you would with your own pens as you will be responsible to pay for any damage or loss.

You can give feedback to the owner once you have received the pen and marked the order as complete – perhaps about the shipping time, condition of the pen on arrival, or maybe later during the hire once you’ve had a chance to use it and describe the actual experience. You rate the experience as positive or negative overall. It’s important to give as much detail as possible to build trust within the pensharing community!

Send the pen back in the same packaging as you received it, recorded delivery and insured.

You should agree with the owner about refilling the pen with ink, or cleaning it again if you received it empty, to avoid any misunderstanding etc. Once the owner receives their pen back, they will give you feedback – hopefully positive, so that the pensharing community will know you are a trustworthy hirer and other members will want to hire to you.

Signing up

The first 3 months are free! After that it’s just a £2 per month membership fee. For that, you get to hire pens from others or hire out your own pens.

It’s important to hire out to and hire from your own country – this avoids paying expensive international shipping and the risk of incurring international taxes when the pen arrives.

For owners, the security of your pen is the most important thing:

  • That’s why we’re members only  – not just anyone can hire your pens.
  • That’s why it’s important for all owners to leave feedback for hirers – so you have peace of mind that the person you’re lending your pen to will take great care of it


I'm an owner - how much should I charge?

Whatever makes it worthwhile for you, but pens, like anything, vary hugely in price. The hirer will have to pay the postage both ways so it doesn’t want to be too expensive relative to the price of the pen, but equally it needs to be worthwhile for you to hire out the pen. Around 5% of the replacement value of the pen is a good starting point.

Ultimately though you're free to charge whatever makes it worthwhile for you.