Esterbrook JR Pocket Pen Pumpkin Spice Needle Point nib

Kenro Industries revived the Esterbrook brand around 2018 with the launch of the new "Estie" pen (see for example, my listing of the "Estie" Tortoiseshell). Since then, they've also launched new models such as the Camden and this pocket pen which closely resembles the original model J and SJ vintage Esterbrook pens.

The acrylic used for these pens is lovely, with lots chatoyance. This limited edition Pumpkin Spice model is a warm brown with creamy swirls and has an orange finial.

Esterbrook also created a custom nib program, collaborating with American nib grinders (or nibmeisters) to continue the company's tradition of providing specialised nibs, such as this one.

This is a #6 nib ground by Kirk Speer of Pen Realm and is a Needle Point - that is, even finer than an EF. It's at least as fine as a Japanese EF and with the right ink, even finer - I'd probably designate it XEF or UEF. It's great for anyone who annotates, who uses Hononichi planners with their tiny grids or just wants something that doesn't bleed on cheap copier paper. It also works really well with very wet inks, slowing the flow (so conversely won't be great with dry inks - and don't even think about shimmering ones!)

Filling system: cartridge converter (included).

It's a small pen but not tiny - again, similar in size to the vintage Esterbrooks: 128 mm capped, 119 mm uncapped and 156 mm posted. It weighs 17g and the grip diameter is 9 mm.

Excellent - Posting is fine.


Replacement Value:
Around £240 including extra for custom nib.

Shipping cost is for UK only, Royal Mail Special Delivery service. Not available to hire outside the UK.

This pen comes in a metal tin to protect it during postage. Please return it in the same tin.

Other instructions:

Choice of ink:
I have a wide range of inks and these are all listed on my profile, please choose which you'd like to try. If you'd rather receive the pens empty, that's fine too - just let me know.

Country: United Kingdom
Availability check: Available
Brand: Esterbrook
Pen price (not rental value): £100 - £250
Pen type: Modern
Nib width: UEF: Ultra Extra Fine
Nib speciality: None
Nib material: Steel

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