Cathy D

These are my bottles of inks:

Anderillium: Colossal Squid Dark

Aurora 100th Anniversary: Orange

Akkerman: 10 Ijzer-Galnoten blauw/zwart (Iron Gall Blue black), 26 Groenmarkt Smaragd (green), Dutch Masters Steenrood van Vermeer (red)

Blackbird Ink: Magpie Blue Black, Peacock Teal, Puffin Orange, Woodpecker Green

Bungbox: 4B (Bungbox Blue Black), Sweet Potato Purple,

Colorverse: Sea Europa, Matter & Anti-Matter; String & Brane; Photon & Gluon; Coast Redwood & Redwood Forest

Diamine: Bilberry, Christine (shimmer - Cult Pens), Deep Dark Brown (Cult Pens), Denim, Enchanted Ocean (shimmer), Honey Burst, Invent 2019: Gold Star (shimmer), Teal

Herbin: Emeraude de Chivor

Fountain Pen Revolution: Blue Black

KWZ Ink: Green Gold, Green Gold #2

Lamy Crystal: Benitoite

Maruzen Athena: Eternal Blue

Montblanc: Egyptian Blue, Maya Blue, Ultramarine,

Monteverde: California Teal, Joy, Mercury Noir

Nick Stewart: Randall (blue-black)

Noodlers: 54th Massachusetts, Air Corp Blue Black, American Aristocracy, Heart of Darkness, Rome Burning

Organics Studio: Walden Pond (monster sheener but sticky)

Papier Plume: Sazerac

PenBBS: Artemisia absinthium

Pilot: 100th Anniversary: Hoteison

Pilot Iroshizuku: Syo-ro

Platinum mixable: Hobonichi Bronze February (my mix); Hobonichi Red December (my mix)

Pure Pens: Welsh Gold (shimmer)

Robert Oster x Pen Addict: Fire on Fire

Rohrer & Klingner: Jule Sketch ink (fountain pen ink)

Sailor: Miruai, Tokiwa-Matsu, Manyo Kuzu

Stipula: Musk Green

Troublemaker Inks: Abalone, Kelp Tea, Petrichor

Waterman: Mysterious Blue

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A wonderful hire - absolutely loved the pen and Cathy was even kind enough to send an extra cartridge and a sample of the ink for me to try in my other pens!

Super speedy delivery and an unexpected ink bonus along with the pens. Thank you!!

It arrived quickly, beautifully packaged and with a separate ink sample from that loaded in the pen so I can use it in my pens. Pen is absolutely gorgeous and I love the stub nib, I’ve never used one before.

Thank you xx