Barney C

I was very happy for about 20 years with my one Montegrappa Reminiscence and then I fell down the rabbit hole.

I use several pens every day and keep far too many inked up. Mostly MG Symphonies and Reminiscences and MB 146s, a couple of OMAS 557s, and some inherited old Parkers, but still others lurk in my fancy Pineider hinged-box thingies...

Am now trying to focus on buying different sorts of paper instead as it's cheaper and there are only so many pens one can really justify. So this site seems salutary!

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Great hire, everything came back safely and I would very happily hire out more pens to this pensharing member.

Thanks Barney for the safe and timely return of the Nemosine, along with your lovely handwritten card! A pleasure to hire to you :o)

Jon R about listing Nemosine Fission (0.8mm stub) 26 days ago.

Excellent pensharer - good communication, quick return shipping, and my Nakaya came back pristine