My FP journey

I guess it all started in my first month of Uni (Pens Plus (of Oxford) to be specific) - where I walked out with a Cross Classic Century, exactly the sort of pen an student should have to show he was serious about his studies. At the time, I hadn't quite realised the rabbit hole I'd fallen into...

Years later I still have that first pen (albeit its had its nib changed, feed replaced, section smoothed and barrel engraved) - to me its still that same first pen, but now it has company.

A bit about me

A scientist who became an accountant, that likes to think he's a software engineer but really sells designer goods... I like to have my fingers in many pies and staying organised is the key (with the side benefit of being able to justify having multiple inked pens to colour code everything).

How I can help

As part of my business I have discounts available at Harrods/Selfridges so if you're looking for a high-end pen from one of those stores please feel free to reach out.

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Thanks David for the safe and timely return of the GM Shamshir, in perfect condition. So glad it inspired you to buy your own! Thanks too for your nice note - always a pleasure to receive :o)

Jon R about listing G M Custom Pens Shamshir (B) 5 hours ago.

Thanks Dave for the safe and timely return of the Aurora in perfect condition. Thank you too for your kind gifts if of the various notebooks! Finally, really appreciate your handwritten note and kind words about the pensharing service. Glad you’re enjoying it!

Jon R about listing Aurora Talentum (M nib) 7 days ago.

The pen arrived quickly and very securely packaged. Thank you, Dave! I look forward to spending some time using this amazing pen.

Jose E about listing Pelikan Souveran M1000 (EF) 11 days ago.