I’ve been interested in stationary for as long as I can remember but around five years ago when I was off work due to I’ll health I started using fountain pens for journaling and one thing led to another with more fountain pens more inks and an obsession about paper.

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Thanks for the loan of this lovely Draco! Plus the ink sample, postcard and sample notebook, much appreciated! :o)

Jon R about listing TWSBI Draco 4 months ago.

Thanks for the pen and additional pens, so I can compare colours side by side. I really appreciate it. Adding them to my shopping list!

Mary about listing Moonman T1 Blue (F) 1 year ago.

Thanks Vijay for the extra pen! And the 2 lovely inks. Much appreciated! Jon

Jon R about listing Moonman T1 Blue (F) 2 years ago.