Jose E

I spent most of my time in front of the computer in my job as a software engineer. However, I have always kept a notebook close to me where I can write and doodle. I find something special about handwriting that is so conducive to slowing down and thinking, in a way that no digital tool has been able to match for me. Once I discovered the pleasure and creativity of inks and fountain pens, falling into the rabbit hole was simply inevitable! I've joined this community to learn, explore, and share this passion with others.

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Another excellent Pensharing experience - my Nakaya came back clean, on time, and well packaged. 10/10

Thanks Jose for the safe and timely return of the Narwhal - glad you liked it! Thanks as always for your nice note, much appreciated! It goes without sayign that you are welcome to try any of my other pens, any time :o)

Everything went smoothly! I'm glad you enjoyed the grind too :)