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Hey, by day I’m a data geek for a local FE college and I’ve been using fountain pens for some time with the last year being a huge increase as I journal more to improve my mental health.

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Thanks Tom for the safe anfd timely returns of this 3776 and the 2 Leonardos. Thanks so much for teh lovely letter and your comprehensive thoughts on the pens. Glad the 3776 has made it onto the wishlist - it's a classic. An absolute pleasure to penshare with you and hope to do so again soon! :o)

Jon R about listing Platinum #3776 Century (B) 6 days ago.

Thanks so much Tom for the safe and timely return of the Starwalker, Moonman & Estie. Thanks too for your lovely note, kind words about pensharing, ink samples and Pilot V-Pen! Very unexpected and most kind. Naturally, I'd be delighted to hire to you again, any time :o)

Jon R about listing Montblanc Starwalker (M) 4 months ago.

Thank you so much (also super quick), I'm really looking forward to trying out the inks.

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